Wheeteenydachs Kennels

We moved to Central Oregon in 2007, north of Bend and Redmond to Terrebonne (the "gateway to Smith Rocks" famous for its gorgeous scenery and rock-climbing opportunities). And not too far from Prineville which has a new energy-efficient Facebook Data Center. Dog kennel facilities are hard to find in Oregon, and this property came on the market, after being a dog/cat boarding business since the mid-70's. I jumped at the chance although the ice/snow in Winter and heat in Summer aren't my "cup of tea". But I have kept Wiggle's letter (below) because it "says it all"!

November 2005
My name is Wiggles. I am the oldest of my mom’s “kids” and have been chosen to tell about our mom and Wheeteenydachs Kennels. I am one of 8 adult LH Miniature Dachshunds and (presently) 9 puppies of assorted ages. In July of this year (2005), we all moved to Coos Bay, Oregon (way out in the “boonies”) where our mom wants to build her Wheeteenydachs Kennels and where we will have lots of room to run and play!

She spent many years volunteering for different chapters of the National Audubon Society. In Boulder, Colorado, she helped establish the new chapter and was secretary. In 1972, her family moved to Bend, Oregon, where she immediately started the Central Oregon chapter and was secretary and newsletter person. (She also worked full-time at Central Oregon Community College and had a large bird business in her home.) She moved to Salem in 1988, was the Salem chapter’s secretary and on the Board of Directors. Then moved to Coos Bay where she was secretary for their chapter.

Upon moving to Eugene in 1997, she became a Master Gardener/Compost Specialist, and besides doing community volunteer work through that OSU program, she was the secretary for the Compost Specialists’ group for about 4 years. She had to give up that position when we moved here.

Three years ago, she attended the Weener picnic in Vancouver, Washington, and three weeks later, organized the first Weener Fest in Eugene. Humans and doxies come from Roseburg, Coos Bay, the Corvallis region, and Central Oregon. This year, the third Weener Fest was held, but mommy couldn’t attend since we live too far away! That made her very sad.

Mommy’s plan for our family is to raise Creams, which she loves. I am a chocolate and tan, but she had me spayed because I have a birth defect. I know I am very special, though, because after she got me, she discovered what incredibly great dogs we Miniature Dachshunds are! Our “brother” Waullker worked hard to become a Cream champion with AKC. She has been working towards building up her breeding stock, and we got another unrelated little Cream sister the beginning of October. Mom believes in bettering our breed and hopes her Kennels will produce some more champion Creams! She makes my “sisters” wait until they are about two-years old before she will let them have any babies. And then she makes them wait again before they get to have any more. It drives my “brothers” nuts!

Mommy is busy doing something. I try to do as much as I can to help. And I have to “go”. So it’s off to the litter box now.

Love and Doxie Kisses,